Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

In accordance with our long-held corporate values, we reach out and care for the people we serve, seeking input from our worldwide partners, our clients, and our employees, and provide them with the full benefit of our experience so they, in their turn, can share their success with others.

As involved and accountable members of the global community, we actively seek out and create partnerships with interested parties with whom we can identify – then promote - a public policy of sound environmental management.

To further and better spread the environmental word and to close knowledge gaps where we find them, we have established Netafim Academy which reaches out to clients, existing and potential, assisting them to learn how to become efficient and productive food producers. Even in the most arid of conditions and the remotest of locations, we will strive to help communities, large and small, to increase their capacity to feed themselves.

At Netafim we listen, we think, we implement, and we practice what we preach - every day and at every level.

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