Streamline Plus™

Integral dripper


Row crop irrigation.


  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh. 
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth with large water passage. 
  • To be “welded” into a thin-walled dripperlines (0.135, 0.150, 0.180 and 0.20 mm). 
  • Injected dripper, very low CV. 
  • UV resistant. Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural. 
  • Streamline™ drippers meet ISO 9261 Standards with production certified by the Israel Standards Institute (SII). 

Features and Benefits:  

  • Two orange stripes, which are clear visible; show the dripper upward location in order to properly lay the laterals.
  • Improved raw materials that achieve higher operating pressure and tensile strength.
  • Wide filtration area to ensure optimal performance. 
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth assures wide water passages, large deep and wide cross section improves clogging resistance. 
  • The water is drawn in to the dripper from the stream center, preventing the entrance of sediments in to the drippers. 
  • Injection molded dripper construction 
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