VibroNet™ UR



  • Flower beds and shrubs.
  • Shrubbery and vegetable gardens
  • Area coverage irrigation
  • Refresh leaves


  • Bridgeless micro emitter with vibrating action
  • Micro-emitter 70 l/h.
  • Nominal flow rate at 1.0 bar pressure
  • Recommended working pressure: 1.0 bar
  • Inlet connector: press fit

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent uniformity distribution as a single emitter
  • Operation of this emitter is based on vibration. Water passage through the nozzle causes needle vibration which in turn breaks up the water jet into uniform droplets that are evenly spread.
  • Constantly self-cleaning, the vibrating system does not allow for build up of mineral deposits in the nozzle.
  • Micro-emitter made of plastic materials resistant to weather conditions.
  • Long-term reliable service: Simple, modular parts. 


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