UK Precision Irrigation - Dealer Training Day

February 6, 2017

Over the past three years Netafim UK have been working with the UK’s leading fruit production research station at East Malling and with Delta T Devices, a technologically leading manufacturer of sensors and loggers. The objective has been to develop systems that allow crops growing in coir substrates to use both irrigation and nutrigation, based on accurately calculated demand.

The result has been the creation of a system that uses multiple Delta T in-field sensors and data loggers to measure and collate coir moisture levels to give a realistic indication of these moisture levels across the complete irrigation zone. Irrigation is then requested via Netafim NMC controllers. The system offers Precision Irrigation at a higher level than ever before.

Successful trials have shown that by using Precision Irrigation the greater consistency in irrigation scheduling provides crop yield increases of up to 10% and also higher quality, measured in shelf life and Brix. With these increases, plus reductions in irrigation management labour and water and fertilizer usage, our Netafim UK Precision Irrigation system provides significant additional return per hectare with clear commercial benefits to the grower.

Following the success of the trials, the Precision Irrigation system is now being offered to soft fruit growers on a commercial basis. Netafim UK have appointed three leading irrigation supply companies as Precision Irrigation Dealers, and with a complimentary agronomy service from East Malling, the aim is to provide UK growers with optimum results right from the outset.

A dealer training day was recently held at East Malling. Attended by representatives from each of the Precision Irrigation Dealers, the training included a presentation on the scientific foundation of the system by Dr. Mark Else, East Malling’s leading agronomist. The commercial aspects of the sale and support of Precision Irrigation were covered by Julian Gruzelier, our Technical Manager.

Feedback was extremely positive and we look forward to updating you on the commercial success of this new initiative that further reinforces our position as the leader in providing optimized irrigation solutions to British growers.

To find out more about Delta T’s offering please visit their website:



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