Our History

Our past is the key to our future.

It all began with a conceptual change
Simcha Blass, an Israeli water engineer, discovered the essence of drip irrigation virtually by chance. Coming across the principle that a slow and balanced drip effect led to remarkable plant growth, he created a device that changed the course of irrigation forever – a drip-based tube that slowly released water where it was most effective. Recognizing the potential of his discovery, he began searching for ways to transform this idea into a reality. That's when he turned to Kibbutz Hatzerim.

An irrigation revolution is born
Kibbutz Hatzerim, a small agricultural community located in Israel's Negev desert, was the perfect match for Blass and his new invention. Building on the strengths of Hatzerim's manufacturing capabilities, experience and agricultural knowledge, Netafim's initial production facility – the first of its kind worldwide – was established in 1965, and we have led the way ever since.

Evolution toward a smart solution
Netafim’s highly qualified engineers improved the original model to develop the world's first online dripper. The initial design used spiral water passageways to form a laminar water flow. However, in an effort to improve functionality, a toothed labyrinth was incorporated to create turbulence within the dripper. A smart product got even smarter.

Tradition of innovation
As Netafim's drip irrigation solutions rapidly spread worldwide, one innovative product followed another. Each decade brought with it new developments that addressed the changing requirements and demand across the globe. With growing concern for depleting resources and an increasing understanding of the environmental challenges at hand, we remain committed to offering smart drip and micro-irrigation products. Once the feasibility of the method was proven, Netafim turned to Rafi Mehudar who invented and developed the next generation of sophisticated drippers manufactured by Netafim. These dripped adapt to the variations of inlet pressure, clean themselves automatically, maintaining uniform flow rate regardless of water quality and pressure

Tomorrow depends on today
Sustainability is what underscores our past, present and future. Our company and products were born out of a true necessity and basic understanding of the importance of using our resources wisely. Originating in a part of the world where water resources are scarce, Netafim is dedicated to conservation and sustainable productivity.

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