Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Netafim's dedication to sustainability begins with a code of transparency. We share all information, all knowledge and all of the vast and varied experience we have gained over the years.

Openness and integrity are the twin characteristics of Netafim's support of its worldwide partners and associates. They are what underlie the route by which we guide them to profit and success and to the creation of new jobs and new business endeavors. These are the values that also inspire our relations with the suppliers, the competitors, and the government agencies with which we do business.

And last but in no way least, we take seriously our obligation to the people of Netafim itself, our own employees, to promote and support them - guaranteeing respect and equality - and working to attract, develop and retain inherent talent wherever we find it, at all times ensuring the health, safety and human rights of those who work with us.

At Netafim, sustainability begins at home.

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