Originating in a geographic region where water resources are scarce, Netafim was born out of a true necessity and basic understanding of the importance of using natural resources wisely. Sustainability has always been part of our core essence, and is much more than just a commitment. It is what we do.

Environmental Sustainability

Netafim is dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability by actively participating in relevant global forums and developing products and solutions that:

  • Reduce water depletion and contamination
  • Decrease soil erosion
  • Enhance arable land productivity
  • Lower fertilizer usage
  • Utilize recycled water for irrigation
  • Support energy-saving practices
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote sustainable productivity

Social Sustainability

Netafim’s commitment to social sustainability is evident through a wide range of activities in which we :

  • Initiate voluntary educational projects and activities
  • Promote sustainable water practices
  • Share advanced agro-know-how and technologies
  • Advance capacity building among growers in emerging markets

Corporate Sustainability

We promote corporate sustainability by adopting a business approach in which we:

  • Maintain a high level of transparency
  • Follow Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) principles
  • Report regularly to various global organizations
  • Adhere to a comprehensive business code of conduct
  • Comply with the highest international standards
  • Display an uncompromising commitment to employee well-being


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